Friday, January 7, 2022

"50 Items That You Should Be Stockpiling For The Imminent Economic Collapse"

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"50 Items That You Should Be Stockpiling 
For The Imminent Economic Collapse"
by Epic Economist

"Welcome to 2022! Or as some have been saying on social media "2020, too". The first few days of the year were enough to show us that we have some major challenges are ahead. Way before our reality started to be shaped by a global health crisis, economists were already warning about economic collapse, financial, and geopolitical threats that have been gradually worsening, and that could potentially lead us to the collapse of the world as we know it. The many crises that erupted in 2020 have disrupted our most basic institutions and created imbalances that might take decades to resolve. The economic and financial trends set back then defined the next year, and in 2021, it became crystal clear how global events can accelerate at record speed. Last year, we all have witnessed many of our economic problems being severely aggravated, while ravaging natural disasters led to unprecedented destruction, and our global supply chains faced catastrophic damages, which have been compromising the flow of goods around the planet up until this day.

To make it worse, we ended the year recording another wave of virus cases right when everyone was ready to come back to normal life. And we started 2022 with another round of lockdowns in major manufacturing economies, congested ports, skyrocketing freight rates, widespread business shutdowns, store closures, and a persistent shortage of workers in every corner of the global and domestic industry. Meanwhile, conditions in our financial markets have never looked so risky. Some asset bubbles have already burst and that is triggering a silent chain effect under the surface of the market as billionaire investors strategize to get out of the rally before this gigantic bubble explodes and wipe out trillions of dollars in earnings.

Market insiders and corporate CEOs have been dumping their stocks at an alarming pace, literally selling off billions in stocks at a time, but many investors still don't see this as a signal that something bigger is coming for us. Soon, the Federal Reserve will start tapering its bond purchase program and hiking interest rates to fight inflation, and if you are a regular on our channel, you already know what that means: A massive crash is only a matter of time. The economic outlook doesn't look any more promising. US consumers are getting increasingly frustrated with the acute price increases they've been facing, while store shelves continue to get emptier and emptier. Food prices are spiking to levels we have only seen during the Great Depression of 1929. Living expenses are surging must faster than people's wages can keep up.

And that's not the end of it. The whole world is on the verge of a disastrous energy crisis that is already resulting in prolonged power outages and interruptions in output in some European and Asian countries. The Earth is exhausted. It is losing its capacity of producing enough energy supplies for the entire global population, especially with the extraordinary boost in consumption we have seen over the past two years. There's a huge shortage of raw materials and extreme weather and natural disasters may make this shortage ever worse this year.

With all that said, it is safe to say that an impending societal and economic collapse has never been nearer. In essence, many of the short and long-term trends are starting to spiral out of control, and the least we can do is to get prepared for some extremely troubled times. We must face the fact that there's no turning back anymore. Our leaders have put us in this mess and they won't come to save us when things go from bad to worse. That's why today's video focuses on practical advice for the challenges we will be facing in 2022 and on. We gathered a list of 50 things we should start stockpiling for the year ahead.

Always keep in mind that getting fully prepared for an economic collapse is not something that can be done overnight. In fact, no one can be “fully prepared” for all possible scenarios, but the supplies on this list may be helpful in covering many of the basics. Preparedness is going to be different for everyone and it also depends on where you live or where you plan to go. Just never forget to evaluate your long-term needs during a prolonged period of crisis. We all depend on food, water, power, and shelter to live comfortably. So make sure you pay extra attention to all of those four major areas. And don't forget to share the message. Many people out there are going to need a lot of practical advice as our society starts to fall apart all around us."

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