Saturday, May 29, 2021

"A Day as a King"

"A Day as a King"
by T.L. Davis

"The frustration I heard in the voice of a four-tour force recon vet discharged after a mortar ended his service was undeniable. It was also evident that the insults hurled from a woke mayor in a Texas city had him in a state of calm, but determined resistance. He spoke of the BLM march through the city given a route that went past the “biker bar” section of town as evidence of the taunting taking place across the country by mayors and governors who are determined to get a violent reaction. “We’re not that stupid,” he said.

From someone who has seen his share of death and destruction in the chaotic villages of a war-torn nation, he knows what is being fomented against him and those like him. They want the conflict, just like they wanted to hang the “insurrection” tag on a peaceful protest in Washington D.C. on January 6th. Unlike the woke peaceful protests all summer that were embellished with flame, wrecked buildings and murder, the January 6th peaceful protest saw only instigators (probably infiltrators) breaking a window or two. There is no comparison between the occupation of federal court buildings, looting and burning by those released from jail the day before for the same mischief and a crowd being let into the capitol on the sixth only to further the insurrection narrative.

I asked how we could fix a political system intent on inciting violence against one set of people by another. It isn’t just BLM against bikers, or school systems against parents, or black against white, or Hispanic against Asian, or young against old, or left against right, or gay against straight, or vaxers against anti-vaxers, or mask wearers against mask refusers; it is the intent of government officials to inflame these conflicts to the point of violence that is the concern. His response was a slow shake of the head, a shrug of the shoulders saying what he preferred not to say.

The fact is, there is no D-Day, but rather the slow accumulation of grievances until the load can no longer be carried. His words came back to me over the whole conversation. “We’re not that stupid.” The trouble with combat veterans, like my father (Korea), is they tend to be non-confrontational in such situations, because they can smell an ambush, not because they fear engagement, but half measures won’t suffice and until they are ready to go full-on, all other responses seem tepid, but the rage builds.

This climate is being manufactured. Those who are sure they will win are goading on the conflict. Those who are not sure they will win, refuse to fight at half measure, harming only their families and friends, enraging a brutal enemy without the resolve to complete the mission. What the enemies of the people should be afraid of, if they had any sense, is a fighting force having put it off until there was nothing left to lose, but coming out dedicated to the eradication of their enemies as the only possible solution.

Caught in the middle of this brewing conflict is law enforcement. This is something they should recognize, but they have not thus far. They seem willing to be the fodder; the useful idiots of the tyrannical regimes. If they could only look into the face of what confronts them, they might choose differently, but I doubt they would. Most of them agree to impose tyranny as a means of securing their pensions, as if they can suspend their duty as American citizens while in uniform and pick it back up when they shed it. Consciously or sub-consciously they are making a decision to violate their oaths in order to receive their shekels from tyrants. That doesn’t play out well, no matter how it goes, because these municipalities have no intention of paying them the blood money they earn. One would think they had seen the devious plots of most government agencies to default on their obligations with little more than a wink at justice enough times to see what their future holds. Anything they said or did when they believed themselves to be free, will be used to deny them the benefits once they’ve done the dirty work.

The great reset is in play. These are the final days of the United States, as ever previously conceived, anyway. The new order is rising, all of these internal squabbles are mere birthing pains of the globalist desire for hegemony. Whether their intent is to get all of the various factions of the citizens to annihilate each other, a pandemic that will wipe out most of the population, a few regional nuclear wars, whatever reduces the overall population is in favor with the globalists. It’s no conspiracy theory, either. It is the stated goal and plan of people like Bill Gates and George Soros.

Part of it even makes sense. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence, the world can supply them what they need without the messy demands of human beings. It is the utopia of the few that they can see on the horizon that is driving all of society right now. Some are fighting against it, some are fighting for it, but it’s the fight itself that enthralls the globalist. In any other time, they would be branded as genocidal maniacs, but in this time, when they have had a chance to dumb down schools, silence critics and promote their propaganda while they purchase local officials like a buying a happy meal, they appear to be the enlightened few.

Because this is the plan of the globalists, it is the globe that is in peril. There is no nation that will not be affected. Occasionally, the people of one nation or another will smell the smoke of human incinerators running overtime and put up a resistance to it, but right now the biggest stumbling block to the whole plan is the United States. Its citizens need to be overcome, their weapons confiscated, their property confiscated, their individual wealth stolen. They need to be brought down to a subsistence level that the people of most other nations endure so that one plan can be effectively prosecuted worldwide.

All politics make sense, when you understand their plan. What does not make sense, is why so many people believe they will benefit from it, when clearly the only beneficiaries of the plan are those few who already enjoy the best the world has to offer. Perhaps, it is just a case of wanting to live a day as a king. There is no doubt, however, that everyone we have been taught to respect will be the ones they send out to kill us. Our response will reverberate for centuries."

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