Thursday, March 11, 2021

"So This Is How The U.S. Dollar Dies…"

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"So This Is How The U.S. Dollar Dies…"
by Epic Economist

"The U.S. dollar collapse is being triggered by our government's reckless spending, and soon enough the world's reserve currency may literally become worthless paper. The House and the Senate have both just passed a new 1.9 trillion dollar relief bill that it's on its way to the president's desk for his signature. But as we repeatedly stressed in several videos, America does not have 1.9 trillion dollars lying around to be spent in whatever way our leaders decide to do. In fact, we will have to borrow every single dollar in that bill, which means we're now underway to add 1.9 trillion to our already alarming 28 trillion national debt.

Our politicians are convinced that monumental amounts of dollars can be printed, borrowed and spent indefinitely without any consequences. Worse even, they have been trying to sell the narrative that this is the only way to save our economy, and the public is buying it. However, much of that spending isn't directed to support our workers, businesses, and households. Instead, representatives managed to include a long list of projects that are completely unrelated to our current priorities. That is to say, our sovereign currency is being destroyed only to fulfill authorities' delusional and greedy eagerness for spending. That's what we are going to analyze in this video.

Just yesterday, a new relief bill has passed the Senate and the House featuring a 1.9 trillion spending plan that includes a tremendous amount of unnecessary projects and reckless expenses. Our politicians are using the coming stimulus checks as a headline for the fiscal package, but keeping the description of the total spending out of the public's sight. Most Americans are completely unaware that we simply do not need that entire sum to boost the economy and provide support to our workers and businesses. More concerningly, perhaps, is the fact that most people do not understand how that will debase the value of our money and unleash runaway inflation.

As a matter of fact, a recent poll found that 78 percent of our population agrees with that colossal spending, including 90 percent of Democrats and 64 percent of Republicans. As our nation grows more politically divided than ever, it seems that affairs of national importance are becoming a battleground to separate winners and losers. However, the truth is that everybody will ultimately lose. No matter on what side of the partisan divide you're at, it's essential to look past our own preferences and always remember that politicians' priority is politics, not the people.

Although relief is needed to ease the financial burden brought on by the health crisis, 1.9 trillion is a sum that could provide assistance for years and years if properly spent. At this stage, there's no turning back. That's why we should all worry about what these measures are doing to our currency. The dollar collapse is now an indisputable reality. What authorities and policymakers have already done to our currency is certainly nightmarish.

The more money we have on the system, the less intrinsic value every dollar will have. Experts have been warning for a long time that the current monetary policy would not only cause a dramatic dollar collapse, as it would downgrade our living conditions, our individual earning and spending ability, and our capacity of ever reaching a full economic recovery, because pretty much everything, every sector and every industry will enter an overly-inflated bubble and prices will keep reaching sky-highs. And since we're talking about bubbles and soaring prices, we cannot forget the impacts we're about to witness inside the stock market.

Investors have been long-waiting for the passing of this bill, because, in short, it means that another tsunami of money is coming and they will be able to continue expanding the massive and unsustainable stock market bubble. The Wall Street casino is about to get juiced up with another liquidity injection, as at least “37% of Main Street investors” disclosed plans to pour their stimulus money directly into the markets, according to a recent survey. The thing is that the more the stock bubble is inflated with money printed out of thin air, and the rally is fueled by an unrealistic perception of the future of our economy, the sharpest will be the price collapse. And as we've repeatedly warned, we're only one trigger event away from a catastrophic stock market crash.

We are endlessly printing, borrowing, and spending our way into a tragic dollar collapse and a massive debt apocalypse. We're letting our leaders set the stage for our Republic to die while murdering the reserve currency of the entire planet at the same time. None of this will end well, and if you didn't know that before, now you have been warned."

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