Saturday, December 12, 2020

Greg Hunter, "Second Great Depression Starts in 2021"

"Second Great Depression Starts in 2021"
By Greg Hunter’s

"Analyst, professional trader and financial writer Rick Ackerman likes gold and silver too, but not because he sees explosive price rises. He likes precious metals because they are solid core investments. They work well in inflation or deflation. They are rugged and will work no matter what comes. Ackerman thinks what is coming will be far worse than the Great Depression, “I call it the ‘Second Great Depression.’ What are we going to have? A zombie apocalypse? I use the example of somebody riding to the soup kitchen on an $8,000 graphite trail bike. We are going to find out how many of the jobs are completely unnecessary, like 95% of people who work for government. That’s coming. It’s coming sooner or later, and we are going to have a time or day of reckoning. How long can this con go on? We are in a very unstable position and, financially speaking, we have stimulus not stimulating anymore in a meaningful way.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes 
One-on-One with analyst and financial writer Rick Ackerman.

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