Wednesday, December 23, 2020

"A 'Case' You Probably Didn’t Read About"

"A 'Case' You Probably Didn’t Read About"
by Eric Peters

"A friend in Georgia called to let me know a junior high school student who attends the same school as her 13-year-old son tried to kill herself the other day. She was found hanging from a cord she’d wound over the shower head in her parents’ home. She was despondent over being denied her life – and so decided to take it.

The good news is she was discovered in time and is still alive. The bad news is there are many such “cases” – including the premature deaths-by-neglect of elderly people who haven’t got the ‘Rona but lost the will to live – and stopped eating or just faded away from depressive ennui resulting from being “locked down” in nursing homes for the past six-plus-months, by decree of the Gesundheitsfuhrers.
Mammals need the warmth and companionship of other mammals. Take that away – “lock them down”- and you sentence them to a slow but certain death, beginning with their spirit and ending with the mortification of their bodies.

This is not a minor inconvenience, a temporary and necessary sacrifice. It is an outrageous, criminal assault on the physical and psychological well-being of hundreds of millions of people (in this country alone) in the name of a fatuous hyper-precautionary Sickness Cult that regards a slight risk of a bad cold to most as finger-wagging justification – and you’d better not object to any of it.
It has worked – so far – because most people are kind and generous and no one wants to be accused of harming other people, let alone actually harming them. But it begins to wear thin, as the enjoining and finger-wagging waxes even as the evidence mounts that the damage being done is sickeningly disproportionate to the threat asserted.

Questioning is beginning. It is reasonable to alert people who come to eat at a restaurant that certain dishes may contain peanuts so that those who have allergies to peanuts can avoid those dishes. It is ridiculous to insist that all restaurants establish Peanut Free Zones for the sake of those with peanut allergies.

It is tyrannical to decree it. My gym has been open for the past four months and almost no one wears the Holy Rag as the gym is a secular joint; people come there to exercise, not perform religious rituals. Notwithstanding this heresy, no one is sick. Probably in no small measure because they are exercising – and breathing freely – both tending to improve one’s health.

But gyms around the country are “locked down” – denying more people than the number of people who’ve allegedly died of the ‘Rona (as opposed to with it, but actually because of old age compounded by poor health) access to the means by which to maintain and improve their physical as well as psychological health.
Being able to go out – and go within. To see your friends – and see their faces. To deny this to people is inhuman. To deny it to them in the name of what, for 99.8 percent of them, amounts to nothing more than than the slight threat of a bad cold is something worse. Particularly as regards children such as the one who almost took her life, mentioned earlier.

It is established fact – the “science” – that 13-year-olds like the girl who is the schoolmate of my friend’s son – are at less risk of dying from ‘Rona than they are of being killed in a car accident. Yet on the putative basis of an hysterically exaggerated “risk,” they are being abused in a manner that would have earned those responsible a felony conviction as recently as this same time last year.

Forced to stay at home. Forced to wear a muzzle – the sort of thing formerly applied to dangerous animals and for that reason just as degrading but without the justification. Denied their friends. Denied their outlets, such as team sports and just “hanging out” freestyle.
Fear the Bogeyman! Don’t Question! Wear a Mask! 

It is child abuse – or would have been so described, this time last year. This wears on kids, especially (see here) for whom six months might as well be six years as their time-sense is different than that of adults. If it seems as if this will never end to us – adults – imagine how it feels to a 13-year-old. Also, we have next year. They only get one shot at 7th grade. Or their senior prom.

It is not hard to understand why kids feel their lives are over before they’ve even gotten started. Just as it is easy to understand why many elderly people, imprisoned in “homes” and denied contact with their families (phone calls don’t suffice) despair of living. And just give up.

How did it happen that such control over our lives came to pass? It came in a blizzard storm of orchestrated terror, a manufactured emergency that has been maintained not with “science” and the free consent that an actual emergency would voluntarily engender – but by decrees that rely on threats. Issued by people who exempt themselves.

Life is becoming the equivalent of owning a car you’re not allowed to drive; of having a spouse you may not touch. A life you may not live. It is killing us. And kids, too."

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